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Sport Specific Training in Cary, NC

More and more top coaches and athletes are shying away from machine-based weight workouts and finding alternative training methods. Weight machines are expensive, often require a gym membership and are somewhat ineffective training tools because they focus on isolation exercises, relying exclusively on machines for strength training that may actually limit sports performance and increase injury risk.

Machines do have a place in rehab and training primarily when muscle isolation, or the ability to control movement speed, direction and intensity is desired. Machines are also useful for novice exercisers who may need a very structured program of movement to build some very basic strength.

Machines can also have a role in ‘bulking’ up the body with muscle for unspecified strength. Obviously, body builders will want as much muscle as possible, and aren’t as concerned with how that muscle performs precise, athletes movements. But functional training should be the core of a fitness program for anyone who wants to develop strength, skill, agility and balance for sports (and life) outside the gym.

The Importance of a Sport Specific Training Program

Our sports specific programs address both the adolescent athlete as well as the adult athlete. Our protocol is based on the OPT (Optimum Performance Training) method, as outlined by the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

This training method provides an easy-to-use system for exercise selection based on the client’s needs, abilities, and goals. The endless choices of exercises and the unique progressions keep every program fun, dynamic and, most importantly, successful.

The PHASEs of our specialized training method:

PHASE 1: Stabilization Endurance Training
PHASE 2: Strength Endurance Training
PHASE 3: Hypertrophy Training for maximal muscle growth
PHASE 4: Maximal Strength Training
PHASE 5: Power Training

By going through this 5 PHASE program and working closely with your personal trainer, you will gain the strength, agility, and balance you need to perform your absolute best.

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