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Rehabilitative Training in Cary, NC

If you’ve suffered a serious sports injury or are post-surgery, you will want only the best personal trainers and programs to help you recover as safely and as quickly as possible.

The injury rehabilitation protocols practiced by PHASE II are a very important part of recovery and should not be overlooked. Working closely with your trainer, you’ll be back in the game or back to your normal routine as fast as possible.

Rehabilitative Exercise Programs in Cary, NC

To help athletes and post-surgery individuals recover, we offer a wide range of programs and protocols custom tailored based on the nature and severity of the injury. These protocols normally include specific strength and flexibility exercises to help build back your strength and range of motion. By following this custom rehabilitative program, you will be on the road to recovery with our caring staff to support you and help you gain your strength back.

We will work closely with your primary care physician to design a program that is best suited to your particular circumstance. No matter the nature of your injury, your personal trainer will work with you 1 on 1 towards recovery.

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When you’re ready to begin your rehabilitative training, make sure you contact PHASE II first! We have highly specialized personal trainers who can help you on a quick and safe road to recovery. We’ve been helping people with sports injuries and post-surgery rehabilitative care for years and want to help you next!

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