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A LUNCH & LEARN session is a great, cost-effective way to introduce various health and wellness topics to a large number of employees. In these seminars, a health and wellness professional will come to your workplace and give a presentation to all interested employees on a predetermined subject. This is a great way to educate your employees on living a healthy and active lifestyle, and will give them the tools they need to increase and improve their overall health.

Group/Corporate Training in Cary, NC

Employee benefits packages have often traditionally focused on ‘sick care’ instead of ‘health care’. Options such as medical, dental and optometry coverage are standard in most employee benefits packages, but they are only truly useful in times where the employee is already experiencing health problems.

What many companies are beginning to realize however, is that taking a proactive and preventative approach to the health of their employees is a much better investment than simply providing a safety net if and when they become ill. Let PHASE II help your employees or group get in shape, stay in shape, and learn the tools they need to stay healthy and active.

Studies show that:

  • The cost of employee absence is approximately $8.6 billion annually.
  • Work absences are increasing due to personal reasons such as illnesses or disabilities.
  • Stress-related illnesses cost employers in terms of absenteeism, higher insurance claims, lost efficiency and lost productivity.

Not only are these numbers shocking, but smoking employees cost your company an average of $1,429 per smoker per year in increased health care costs over nonsmoking employees (not to mention the costs of lost productivity and absenteeism). Employees who take four 10-minute smoking breaks a day actually work one month less per year than workers who don’t take smoking breaks. It adds up!

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PHASE II offers a comprehensive selection of programs designed to fit the small to large company that is intent upon creating a working environment that communicates to their employees that next to the client or customer, they are the are the most important asset of the business. Contact us online now for more information or to set up an initial consultation.