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Cardio Training in Cary, NC

There are many different ways to train for improved aerobic endurance. At PHASE II, the duration, frequency and intensity of each type of training varies based on the individual. We will personally work with you 1 on 1 and create a cardio program to match your needs.

Each aspect of the cardio training you will receive focuses on slightly different energy systems and skills custom tailored to your needs. This results in different physical adaptations that result in increased endurance and overall cardio health.

Our Cardio Training Programs in Cary, NC

At PHASE II, we offer the latest and greatest in cardio training. Some of the most well known endurance and cardio training programs that we specialize in include the following:

Long Slow Distance Training. This type of training is the most common type of endurance training and the foundation for marathon runners, long distance cyclists and other sports that demand long, sustained steady energy outputs. It is also the easiest form of endurance training for new or novice exercisers.

Pace/Tempo Training consists of training at a steady, but fairly high intensity just slightly higher than race pace for a shorter duration, usually 20-30 minutes at a steady pace.

Interval Training consists of short, repeated, but intense physical efforts (3-5 minutes followed by short rest periods).

Circuit Training consists of a series of specific exercises performed for a short durations and rotated through in quick in succession with little or no rest in between. Traditional circuit training routines build both strength and endurance and can be varied in a multitude of ways to meet any athletes training goals.

Fartlek Training combines some or all of the other training methods during a long, moderate training session. During the workout the athletes adds short bursts of higher intensity work with no set plan; it’s up to how the athlete feels.

Cardio Training & Fitness in Cary NC

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When you’re ready to begin your Cardio and endurance training, make sure you contact PHASE II first! We have highly specialized personal trainers who can help you meet or exceed your goals. We’ve been helping people just like you reach their cardio and endurance goals for years!