Ways to Fight Stress #1: Get some sleep

Staying up late racked with grief? Bad idea. Lack of sleep often causes stress which may trigger a further lack of sleep. Adults don't realize how important that physical balance is. To keep your mental health on point, make sure to hit the 8-hour mark every night, or at least get as close as you [...]

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Don’t Sweat It: 4 ways to fight stress

When we stress out, we tend to overanalyze. But long nights lamenting a breakup or poorly worded e-mail rarely produce solutions. Before you know it, you're worried sick. Literally. Studies have shown that psychological stress can increase your risk of depression, heart disease, and infectious diseases. The key lies in how we deal with those [...]

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Should You Buy Tuna in Oil or Water??

Oil - if it's olive. It's better than water at preserving the fish's essential omega-3 fatty acids. Don't drain it off, because it's where a good portion of the healthy fats hang out. BUT, if the oil is canola, sunflower, soybean or cottonseed, beware, as these oxidize during processing, which can have a harmful effect [...]

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Overeating Explained

Dessert can be hard to pass up, even after you've polished off a meal. Now researchers have figured out why: When eating is motivated by pleasure rather than hunger, it activates a chemical reaction that overrides your body's satiety signals. To stay in touch with your natural appetite controls, pay attention to hunger pangs and [...]

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Power Up!

Can't figure out why you're always dragging? Lack of iron may be the blame. According to a new study, fatigued women reported feeling 50% less tired when they took iron supplements for 12 weeks. Participants took 80mg each day, which is more than the RDA of 18mg contained in many multivitamins. However, don't self-treat with [...]

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Diet Success Secret #2

Eat Regularly: Skipping meals when you're busy or to "jump-start" weight loss can cost you in the long run. Dieters who used this tactic dropped 8 fewer pounds than those who dined 3 times a day.

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Diet Success Secret #1

Keep A Journal: People who record their meals and snacks lose more weight on average than those who don't. Pen and paper, phone apps, and online diaries all work well. Just make sure you complete your entries in real time.

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Knead To Go

Massages may seem indulgent, but a new study gives you permission to spoil yourself. Researchers found that a 10-minute rubdown post-workout reduces inflammation, lessens soreness, and increases energy production in muscles (helping them perform at their peak during your next sweat session.) Massage may even help muscle fibers repair faster and more completely.

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