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Meet The Staff

William Wagner
William WagnerOwner/Trainer
Greetings! My name is William Wagner and I am the owner of PHASE II Personal Training Center. I and my staff of dedicated fitness professionals opened this facility in 1998 with the goal of bringing a new level of fitness and service never before seen in the area. I couldn’t be more proud of the results. Read More —>
Corey Johnson
Corey JohnsonPersonal Trainer
Hello, I am Corey Johnson Personal Trainer with PHASE II Personal Training Center where I provide youth and adult athletic training, sport specific training – volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis; group fitness, injury prevention and rehab, fat loss, performance enhancement, boot camps, functional training, cardiovascular and balance training, so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Read More —>
Deborah Richter
Deborah RichterPersonal Trainer

Hello there, I am Deborah Richter. I am a personal trainer at PHASE II personal training center where I provide training for Core Conditioning, Weight Loss, Nutrition Counseling, Balance Training, Posture Optimization, Triathlete Training, Chi Running, Power and Flexibility, Ashtanga Yoga, Neck & Back Strengthening and Stabilization, Injury Prevention & Rehab, Neuromuscular Release Therapy, Mind/Body Stress Reduction and Motor Skills Improvement Techniques, so that you can achieve your goals of high energy and optimal health. Read More —>

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Ashley Edwards
Ashley EdwardsPersonal Trainer
Hi, I am Ashley Edwards, personal trainer at PHASE II Personal Training Center, where I provide personal training for sports fitness, injury prevention and rehab, small group training and individual body shaping programs, so that you can take control of your health and live a life full of joy that comes from positive change. Read More —>
Lisa Wilder-Cappoli
Lisa Wilder-CappoliPersonal Trainer
Hello, I am Lisa Wilder-Cappoli, a personal fitness trainer with PHASE II Personal Training where I train people of all ages and fitness levels who need to tone up and trim down, need injury rehab, balance training, greater flexibility, a stronger core, marathon or triathlon training or sport training, so that they can embrace fitness and enjoy a healthy life. Read More —>
Dr. Todd Elliott
Dr. Todd ElliottDC, CSCS, CPT
Hello my name is Dr. Todd Elliott DC, CSCS, CPT. I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic 1998 at Palmer College of Chiropractic. I also earned my B.S. Degree there as well. After 8 years of schooling I graduated and started a practice in Nashville, TN. Read More —>
Michael Rudolph
Michael RudolphPersonal Trainer
My story is like an advertisement for PHASE II. When I was a junior in High School I started looking at colleges, my passion was playing ice hockey. While looking up north at different schools, I noticed the hockey players were very fit, their average weight was about 20-30 pounds more than mine. My workout goal was to add 25 pounds of muscle and increase my leg strength. PHASE II put 25 pounds of muscle on me in 3 months and changed not just my life, but my lifestyle.